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If you are a serious writer with quality material please read on.

PM Books and PM Library
Author Assisted Financial  Developmen


PM Books and PM Library are intended as vehicles to get quality
professional writers, developing writers, writers with specialty
publications into print with quality published full volumes.  
PM Books is
focused on poetry but can also include short story collections, and
literary essay collections.
PM Library is focused on philosophical,
Buddhist, Taoist, New Age, and environmental material.
 Poetry, short
story collections and literary essay collections can be from 80 to 200
pages.  Philosophical, Buddhist, Taoist, New Age, and environmental
material and essay collections can be from 80 to 200 pages with
monographs from 40 to 70 pages.  

The publisher reserves the right to accept or reject material as a
condition of submission.  Once accepted this is a fully vetted
publication, and includes: book design (color cover, b&w interior);
editorial work and proofing; proof copy; ISBN registration; copyright
registration; initial 100 book printing and shipping; inclusion on PM
Books and PM Library web page; inclusion in major distributor
catalogs; inclusion in online book sellers worldwide including, Barnes and Nobel, etc.  European distribution available.
PM Books and PM Library handle internet order fulfillment and
shipping with PayPal.  A Royalty structure is set up.

Author Assisted Financial  Development

PM Books and PM Library are financed through Author Assisted
Financial Develop
; a program where the author with the publisher's
assistance raises the initial production costs.  This approach to raising
money for artistic and intellectual projects is used in publishing, film
making, theater and many other artistic and intellectual efforts and is
indeed an important way to get projects funded.  Through pre-sold
copies of the book; fund raising through friends, associates,
supporters, professional institutions, and the public, the needed
finances can be raised to offset the cost of publishing. The author and
publisher assists in this program through a special program.  Money
generated is placed in an author account set up for the distribution of
funds.  Initial publication costs are dependent on the length of the
book and preparation of the manuscript and are defined in the
Statement of Agreement between author and publisher.  For a more
detailed description of this process please follow up with an email

Professional publications

Professional publications may be supported by institutions,
foundations, granting agencies, and professional organizations as a
means of assisting the professional development of the author and the
institution.  Authors should contact the institution they are affiliated
with and inquire regarding support for their project.  This publisher can
give the supporting agency full documentation on the nature of the
publication and the promotional efforts around the publication.  Text
books can be developed through this program and costs can be kept

Time Line

Initial Review: All applications for PM Books and PM Library go through
a review process with the publisher and other published authors to
determine if PM Books/PM Library will publish the material.  No
guarantee of publication is made prior to the review.  Manuscripts can
be denied if the review determines that the manuscript does not meet
our criteria for publication.  Manuscripts that meet our review criteria
will be offered publication and a Statement of Agreement will be signed
by both parties.  Review period is 1-3 months.  All accepted
manuscripts will go through an editorial process in order to make the
manuscript the best it can possibly be.

Graphic work includes layout of text and cover.  Text needs to be sent
via CD or email attachment in Microsoft Word as one continuous
manuscript and needs to include acknowledgments and author Bio.  
Front and back cover can include original art, author photo, and back
cover quotes.  Cover art must be in 300 dpi or greater. Publisher can
develop cover material without some or any of the aforementioned

Preferred communication is through email and phone conversation.
Proofing of all material is done via PDF email attachment with final
signed approval via email.

Once the author accepts cover and text, printing of initial 100 copy
order and delivery will occur.  Additional press runs at preset
cost are available.


PM Books/PM Library are fully vetted publications and are not fee for
printing, vanity or self-published books.  We reserve the right to refuse
any manuscript for any reason without explanation.  We maintain a
high standard for publication to insure that all authors can be
confident that the author, publisher, and publication have recognizable
quality and will be accepted in bookstores and libraries without
reservation.  Books are produced by short run digital printing.  Sample
publications are available.  Author Assisted Financial Development is
a trusted method to raise the needed funds to meet publication costs
and put the work out to a quality public.

Because of misuse, Inquiry and
Book Request Info have been
disconnected.  Please use poeticmatrixpress@yahoo.  com for
Please look at an interesting article by
J. Glenn Evans publisher of PoetsWest titled
Read the article
Government study: Americans reading less
By HILLEL ITALIE, and a series of interesting
discussions about the current development of
short run digital publishing from the
Council of Literary Magazines and Presses
indiepress yahoogroups and the Poets &
Writers vallelitlist at
PM Books & PM Library
Literary and Intellectual Publishing
are imprints of Poetic Matrix Press
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personal pages)
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PM Books Pages

Wheels within Wheels
Richard Kovac

Like Fallen Snow
Memoir and Poetry
Ruth Rosenthal

Mindscape Unlocked?
by Adam Funk

by Lee Underwood

A Rose in the Briar Patch
by Dan Tharp

Finding Passages
by Molly Weller

The Bells of Avalon
by Brian Bronson

poems by Richard Kovac
updated 3/12/2014
PM Library Pages

From Ancient Aliens to the Shift:
The Grand Unified Theory
by Daniel D. Davis

Triumph at Last: A
Korean-American Life
A Memoir by
Steven Soo Hyun Kim

A Parallel Universe
by Alex Landon and Elaine Halleck

And So It Is
by Reverend James Fox
From Ancient Aliens to the Shift:
The Grand Unified Theory
by Daniel D. Davis

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